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A passionate specialist for glass in aquatic settings

Specializing in the installation of glass products in aquatic settings, we are passionate about the challenge of creating a spectacular architectural project, while guaranteeing our customers perfect safety. Curiosity keeps us pushing the limits of our expertise further – our knowledge is constantly being expanded and consolidated through each new project we support.

Design office with expertise in the implementation of glass and plexiglass walls in an aquatic environment

Convinced that the success of each project is linked to the quality of its design, our design office aims to achieve an aesthetic and ergonomic project, adapted to the desires of our customers, while always considering the safety of people and property. The use of glass or PMMA in aquatic settings has technical specificities related to permanent hydrostatic pressure and waterproofing treatment. The design office draws up a detailed booklet showing the glass integrated into its support, with the calculated dimensions needed for successful integration.

Installation of your glass wall

After analysing the context of the project, our teams implement all resources needed to ensure the safe delivery and installation of the glass. Our teams can adapt to any context, from the simplest to the most complex. Our installers install the glass, using the appropriate sealants, in compliance with current regulations, standard practice and the manufacturer's technical documentation.

Expertise in glass products

Our perfect knowledge of the two glass products (conventional glass or PMMA) used in this type of project enables us to recommend the most appropriate material according to the configuration of each project and the wishes of each customer. These two hard and transparent materials are each governed by their own application rules.

Experience in the use of glass in architecture

We rely on our network of companies – "Verre et Transparence" – specialized in the use of glass products and driven by the conviction that natural light and the feeling of space contribute greatly to the comfort of users and residents. Through the 1,000 projects carried out each year for over 100 years, the network's teams have implemented and consolidated design and execution methods.

PMMA is an acrylic glass, also called Plexiglas. The more expensive transparent PMMA pool wall is recommended for large pool walls over 6 metres long, as well as for corner solutions.

Glass swimming pool wall – advantages

  • Lower price than PMMA
  • Lower wall thickness than PMMA for the same strength
  • Possibility of double glazing to prevent condensation
  • Scratch resistance
  • Screen printing, customization

The transparent swimming pool wall, made of glass or PMMA, is a smooth surface and should be cleaned without abrasives. For the interior of the pool, as long as water treatment is active, no additional cleaning is necessary. For the outside of the glazed pool wall, the recommended cleaning method is the one normally used for windows, without using an abrasive sponge.

Swimming pool wall made of PMMA (acrylic glass) – advantages

  • This transparent plastic is recommended for very large sizes, thanks to on-site welding or for corner solutions
  • Very high transparency; 92%
  • Excellent durability, does not yellow
  • Shockproof
  • No condensation problems, no cold wall effect
60 years of expertise

60 years of expertise

3 sites in France

3 sites in France

Design Office

Design Office

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation

Customized Customer Service

Customized Customer Service