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A passionate specialist for glass in aquatic settings

Specializing in the installation of glass products in aquatic settings, we are passionate about the challenge of creating a spectacular architectural project, while guaranteeing our customers perfect safety. Curiosity keeps us pushing the limits of our expertise further – our knowledge is constantly being expanded and consolidated through each new project we support.

Design office with expertise in the implementation of glass and plexiglass walls in an aquatic environment

Convinced that the success of each project is linked to the quality of its design, our design office aims to achieve an aesthetic and ergonomic project, adapted to the desires of our customers, while always considering the safety of people and property. The use of glass or PMMA in aquatic settings has technical specificities related to permanent hydrostatic pressure and waterproofing treatment. The design office draws up a detailed booklet showing the glass integrated into its support, with the calculated dimensions needed for successful integration.

Installation of your glass wall

After analysing the context of the project, our teams implement all resources needed to ensure the safe delivery and installation of the glass. Our teams can adapt to any context, from the simplest to the most complex. Our installers install the glass, using the appropriate sealants, in compliance with current regulations, standard practice and the manufacturer's technical documentation.

Expertise in glass products

Our perfect knowledge of the two glass products (conventional glass or PMMA) used in this type of project enables us to recommend the most appropriate material according to the configuration of each project and the wishes of each customer. These two hard and transparent materials are each governed by their own application rules.

Experience in the use of glass in architecture

We rely on our network of companies – "Verre et Transparence" – specialized in the use of glass products and driven by the conviction that natural light and the feeling of space contribute greatly to the comfort of users and residents. Through the 1,000 projects carried out each year for over 100 years, the network's teams have implemented and consolidated design and execution methods.

The advantages of PMMA (acrylic) windows :

  • All sizes are possible
  • 92% transparency
  • Does not yellow over time under the effect of sunlight
  • No condensation problems

Glass swimming pool wall – advantages

  • Lower price than PMMA
  • Lower wall thickness than PMMA for the same strength
  • Possibility of double glazing to prevent condensation
  • Scratch resistance
  • Screen printing, customization

To maintain the transparent appearance of the wall for as long as possible, it needs to be cleaned to prevent stains from becoming embedded.

To clean the outside of the glass, use an alcohol-free glass cleaner with a microfibre cloth. In the case of a large stain, we recommend using isopropyl alcohol. Any other product or inappropriate cleaning technique is likely to alter the transparency and appearance of your glass.

The glass in your aquatic window is laminated tempered glass, one of the most resistant types of glass in existence. It consists of 2 panes of glass bonded together by a film that holds them together. This glass is extremely resistant to shocks and scratches, making it a durable and safe choice for your pool.
PMMA is acrylic and is a more expensive solution, but it is essential for large enclosures longer than 6 metres: the PMMA sheets can be heat-welded together to form a single enclosure of any length, with a seam between the sheets that is invisible to the naked eye!
The choice of material will depend on the size of your project, your budget and the location of your window.

With time spent in the sun, UV rays can alter the quality and transparency of certain materials. Acrylic is perfectly resistant to different weather conditions, does not yellow in the sun and can remain outdoors for years without being damaged, while retaining its transparent appearance.
Both materials are breakable in the event of a violent impact, but they do not have the same strength:
  • Glass is more fragile than acrylic, and must be handled very carefully.
  • Acrylic is stronger than glass, and will only break if exposed to exceptionally high stresses.
Glass and acrylic do not react in the same way to the risk of scratching:
  • The surface of acrylic is softer than that of glass, and scratches more easily when a hard or sharp object is rubbed against it. The deformation thus created on the surface of the transparent wall will produce a visual distortion, due to the deflection of the light beam. To resolve this aesthetic inconvenience without changing the wall, simply restore the flatness of the surface by sanding. Vision d'O's teams are experienced in carrying out this delicate operation.
  • The surface of a glass wall is harder to scratch than that of acrylic. However, in the event of scratching or deformation, the flatness of the surface cannot be restored. Replacing the glass panel with a new one is the only way to eliminate these visual imperfections.
To locate the deformation caused by an impact or scratch on a PMMA wall, place an object behind the wall, slide it a few centimetres and observe where the image is deformed. 
The transparent pool wall
  • Embedded in the concrete on 3 sides, with the top part exposed, the transparent pool enclosure replaces the masonry wall. The unique thing about this solution is that the wall disappears in plain sight and the water seems to stand still, as if held back by magic! This configuration is available in two ways:
    • Transparent wall with overflow: the water surface rises slightly above the top of the wall and overflows to the other side.
    • Transparent wall with no overflow: the height of the waterline is lower than the height of the wall.
The aquatic window,
  • The sheet of glass is embedded in concrete on four sides.
  • The sheet of glass is completely and continuously immersed.
The underwater window must be strong and resistant enough to withstand the hydrostatic pressure of the water column and not give way. To determine the thickness required, the Vision d'O teams use software based on theoretical calculations, themselves confirmed by tests. These calculations incorporate a double stress: maximum material resistance stress and maximum deflection stress.

The calculation is based on the following data
  • Modulus of elasticity = 3300 MPa
  • Poisson's ratio mb = 0.37
  • Permissible safety stress on the water side = 3 MPa
  • Permissible safety stress on the air side = 5 MPa
Whether in a public or private environment, the safety of people is at the heart of our concerns.
The thermal conductivity of acrylic is lower than that of laminated glass. As a result :
  • Acrylic is always recommended when the outdoor pool is connected to an interior room in the house, to avoid any condensation that might occur due to a difference in temperature between the water in the pool and the interior room.
  • A swimming pool with an acrylic wall will keep its heat more easily if it's cold outside than if its wall is made of glass, because of acrylic's better insulating properties.

Here are the insulation coefficients of the materials:

  • Air | 0.03 W/mK
  • Acrylic| 0.19 W/mK
  • Water | 0.57 W/mK
  • Laminated glass | 0.79 W/mK
Thanks to our experience and the techniques we have developed over the years, the installation time for our products is considerably reduced:
  • Approximately 2 days per window
  • Approximately half a day per balustrade.
The round aquatic window immediately echoes the portholes on ships. These circular openings not only allow you to contemplate the beauty of the sea, they also evoke adventure and exploration. If you want to opt for this immersive maritime atmosphere, it's a great asset!
Acrylic and glass are both transparent materials, but they do not have the same optical transmission:
  • Acrylic, with its chemical composition and molecular structure, has the ability to transmit up to 92% of the visible light that passes through it.
  • In comparison, mineral glass generally transmits between 80 and 90% of visible light.
Acrylic is lighter than glass, weighing half as much:
  • PMMA density: 1.2 kg/m2 per millimetre thickness,
  • Glass density: 2.5 kg/m2 per millimetre thickness.
For example, for a wall measuring 2m by 1m and 32mm thick, a PMMA wall will weigh 77kg, compared with 160kg for a glass wall.

This makes PMMA an attractive choice for applications where weight is a critical factor, such as when walls are integrated into boats or yachts.
Once you have placed your order and paid the initial deposit, it takes around 6 weeks to manufacture your window or water wall before it is delivered to our workshop.
Once we have received your order, and depending on your and our availability, we will schedule delivery to your home and installation.
We will deliver the liner to be installed, depending on the accessibility of the area closest to the pool. You are asked to schedule a means of lifting the enclosure on the day of delivery and the day of installation.
The cost of your transparent window will depend on several factors:
  • Size
  • Location
  • Number of windows
  • The thickness
  • Technical constraints
  • Type of window required.
To give you an idea, for supply and installation: a rectangular water window measuring 300 cm by 80 cm, the price would be approximately :
  • Glass: 23,000€ inc.
  • PMMA: 30,000€ INC.
Vision d'O is a French company based in the Vaucluse. We travel all over the world to meet your needs!
We have already worked in :
  • Metropolitan France
  • Monaco
  • Switzerland
  • Martinique
  • Mauritius
  • Guadeloupe
  • Corsica
  • Senegal
  • Morocco
A mirror pool is a pool in which the water overflows the sides of the pool.
With its totally flat, smooth, shiny surface, a mirror pool reflects the sky, giving it that ‘mirror’ appearance.
Water windows fall into 2 categories: vertical and horizontal:
  • Vertical windows: windows built into the vertical walls of the pool
  • Horizontal windows: windows placed horizontally at the bottom of the pool.
Our water walls have a ten-year guarantee from the time of installation.
The joints of frameless enclosures are guaranteed for 2 years. If the joints are repaired, a new 2-year guarantee applies.
Hydrosight windows are guaranteed watertight when they leave the factory. They then come with a 5-year guarantee.
Vision d'O does not handle the construction of your pool. We only get involved once the masonry work has been completed. We provide the technical plans for the pool builder to create the concrete structure of the pool.
Once this is done, we integrate the wall into the pool.
Please note: we only take care of waterproofing the wall, not the pool!
In order to meet as many requests as possible and to adapt to your needs, we can apply aquatic windows to almost any type of covering:
  • Mosaic
  • Reinforced PVC / liner (glass only)
  • Tiling
  • Paint / plaster / exposed concrete
  • Under-floor tiling
  • A less stifling swim
  • A view of the space below the waterline
  • A distinctive feature of your pool
  • A subtle echo of transparency between the glass sheet and the water
  • A soft, subdued source of light, especially at night when the pool is lit up
  • A lively tableau in which swimmers float as if in weightlessness
In France, it's important to check with your local council if you're planning to build a swimming pool.

As long as your pool is in order, it is possible to integrate an aquatic window into your pool. No special agreement is required for this addition.

If you're planning to build a swimming pool abroad, check with your local council to find out what the regulations are.

More informations
In addition to their best-known applications, i.e. private swimming pools, Vision d'O aquatic windows can be used in a number of other applications:
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Sports facilities
  • Industrial installations
  • Film shooting tanks
  • Hotels
  • Zoo and aquarium
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60 years of expertise

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3 sites in France

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Delivery and Installation

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